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White Pillars


All political power is inherent in the people, and governments derive their just powers from the consent of the governed, and are established TO PROTECT AND MAINTAIN INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS.

Arizona Constitution, Art. 2. Sec.2


Covid has taught us how easily public health agencies promoting fear can hi-jack our medical freedom. Our elected officials, with very little scientific evidence, issued emergency orders insulated from both judicial and legislative oversight, and with no time restrictions. Our small businesses and our schools were shut down. Employees were forced to be vaccinated with unproven "vaccines" or lose their jobs. Our elderly were confined to their rooms in their care facilities, and hospitalized patients were denied visits from their families. These tyrannical practices need to be stopped, and legislation needs to be instituted to prevent this kind of authoritarianism from depriving us of our right to make medical decisions for ourselves and our children.


Since 2002, at least half of our elections have been considered stolen by one or the other of the political parties. The last election was particularly egregious, and outraged citizens have demanded to know what is happening with the integrity of our elections. When citizens lose confidence in their elections, our democratic republic is lost, and nothing else matters. Voter ID must be required. Mail-in ballots must be limited, and there must be a strict chain of custody. Ballot trafficking must be prosecuted. Voting machines must not have internet connections.


In the past I was always a great fan of our public schools, but they are now failing our children. Half the children at every grade level are under-performing. I support legislation leading to schools that will promote success for our children. Our children are a year behind as a result of Covid, and the focus should be on basics of “reading, writing, and arithmetic,” NOT Critical Race Theory, Comprehensive Sexuality Education, or 1619 Project. Children who are not succeeding in public school must have the option of charter schools, private schools, and religious schools available to them, with state education tax funds following the student.


Thanks to the great work of some gun rights organizations, such as Arizona Citizens Defense League, Arizona is the number one state for gun rights. With more anti-law enforcement legislation and “defund the police” movements gaining traction nationwide, citizens are feeling that their safety may depend on their ability to defend themselves. Gun sales are at all-time highs. In every legislative session, anti-gun laws are presented, all of which are defeated. However, with only a one or two member Republican majority in both the Senate and the House, we must be concerned about losing our Second Amendment rights if we don’t elect representatives who will defend our right to bear arms.

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